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one night one day coverOne Night and One Day: A Sexy Lady Tycoon Novel

Two college graduates, Marianne Dumont and Jason Camron, had a chance meeting on the evening after their graduation ceremony, when he pretended to be her boyfriend to get her out of a jam. They had a spontaneous attraction to each other and hooked up for just one night and one day for hours of steamy marathon sex before reality interfered and they moved on to the rest of their lives. The pair met again very unexpectedly a decade later when their lives have changed drastically. The handsome man is a past warrior with secrets who has just decided to end his vagabond travels and start over, and she’s a beautiful, successful, and established businesswoman now who has changed her name. However, even after all that time had passed, they discovered that certain crucial things have stayed exactly the same. The memories of their first intense interlude have remained, and they still want each other desperately. But is it just lust, or is it more? Will their reunion be merely a sexy repeat of only one night and one day in bed together, or will their relationship become more this time and involve their hearts too?

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