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I haven’t been shy about saying I like reading romance stories with a happy ending, and I choose to write the same type of books I love to read. However I always prefer the plots that also contain a steamy sexual attraction. I want to read stories that include the added element of sex – with an honest sexual relationship. Not cold and  unemotional sex just for the sake of it, but in context of the narrative.

So, yes, the books I write have sex in them. My novels fall under the genre of Romance, but contemporary erotic romantic fiction is my specific genre. Some of my books are also romantic suspense.

I assume many romance readers watch the Hallmark Channel romance movies. I enjoy them too, but I detest the lack of any affection or sexual attraction until the last minute of the show when the male and female leads finally embrace and share a bland junior high level lip-lock – without any lip movement, real passion, or suggestive physical contact. I understand the limitations of family television prohibit too much passion, but that brand of mild and dull plot isn’t very satisfactory for me to watch.

I don’t have the inclination to write those kinds of passionless stories either, so I leave those tamer tales to meeker authors. I’m all for romance, but in the books I write I want more than a believable plot, emotional depth, and love. There needs to be a more realistic physical relationship between the characters. Having a sexual relationship is a real part of adult life, and I’m referring to much more than just hot kisses.

How many of you only shared one single kiss before getting engaged or married? – Had no intimacy at all – no passionate kisses, amorous petting, or took even more liberties until later stages? I’m not saying it’s impossible, nor am I promoting anything. However, I think the chance of that is miniscule unless you are very young, but then you shouldn’t even be on this adult website.

Sexual intimacy is normal, so why skip it and pretend it’s not? Why leave that gaping hole in the storyline?

I write books that are sensual, erotic, and explicit, with deeply provocative love scenes that are key components of the story. The sex scenes are a major factor in the emotional depth and fantasy of the love story between the hero and heroine.

So if you want interesting adult romance stories you can get emotionally involved in, that are also edgy, sexy, stimulating, titillating, and provocative, that is what I write.

Exciting News!
In addition to the novella, The Last Virgin, I also completed a novel, The Right Mistake, in April. It is a 99,650 word story (201 pages of 8.5” x 11” text). I have a new photo showing all ten of my completed manuscripts on the My Books page of the website.

Now I’m working on my final large unfinished project, Summer Crew, that I started back in 2014 and just returned to again. It is a three-part novel, my most ambitious and probably longest project yet. I still have a long way to go.

Other News:
Two of my previous manuscripts, Correspondent and Bonfire, are currently being professionally edited by two different editors, and should be ready for me by the end of May. I am very excited to see the results of both edits. However that’s when my dual tasks of deciding which recommendations I’ll accept, and then making all the changes begin. Those will be two big projects for me, but necessary prior to publishing.

I just attended a class on 4/26/16 about another way to publish that would be much less expensive because the author can do most of the prep work, so that may be the way I’ll go. I’ll keep you informed.

FYI. According to the RWA, Romance Writers of America, Romance sub-genres include:

Contemporary Romance
Erotic Romance
Historical Romance
Inspirational Romance
Paranormal Romance
Romantic Suspense
Young Adult Romance

Do you know the difference between contemporary romance and historical romance? Many people assume historical romances are those that take place during the United Kingdom’s Regency period between 1811 and 1820, often extended to apply to the years 1795 through 1837. That is only partially correct – see the definitions below.

Answer: Contemporary romance novels are set after World War II, generally from 1950 to the present.
Historical romances are set prior to 1950, so they are not only the ones set back in some more “ancient” time of hundreds of years ago.

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