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WeddingCoupleBeachJune is the most popular month for weddings. Even my parents were married in June. (I was born exactly nine months later.) I suppose that has a lot to do with the weather. Maybe June is also popular because it’s when school is over so more guests can attend.

In most of my books, the happy ending includes an engagement or wedding or both. To me that seems to be the prototype happy ending of a romance novel. I wouldn’t necessarily have to go that far for a happy ending, however. Just an evident commitment or even the implication of the loving characters staying together would suffice.

I love the happiness and emotion of weddings, but I don’t like writing about weddings in detail. It’s not easy for me to write them, and I’m not sure I do justice to the happy occasion.

As a result, my characters are liable to elope or marry quickly, in Las Vegas or somewhere else. That’s more likely than me describing an elaborate wedding.

In my personal instance, my wife and I were engaged in ten days and married in three months. She was 19, and I was 24 after four years in the U.S. Navy. We just knew it was right. Our happy marriage lasted over 43 years until her untimely passing.

My Books and Writing Update
I have been unable to dig into my big three-part writing project as intended. I wouldn’t consider it a writer’s block, but the project is overwhelming. The problem is I have so much material, so many pages of notes (over 200), plus research. The mass of it is daunting. I worked on it and made some progress, but I didn’t get very far before losing my enthusiasm.

I think writing should be fun. It’s not a job for me, and I don’t have any deadlines to meet. So I don’t want to force the writing. I’ll let the project simmer a while longer until I’m ready to tackle it again.

In the mean time, I had another fun story idea, so I started writing that manuscript instead. It is titled, Mr. Right Seeks Miss Wrong, and it is starting out well.

I also have other things to do. The new monthly blog and short story require substantial additional time and effort. The book review of Correspondent has been returned to me from the editor. The other edit in progress, of Bonfire, should be ready any day.

Jodie Toohey did a great job editing Correspondent for me. Her input was invaluable. I have already made all her suggested line-by-line edit changes, and there were a lot of them! The book is much more concise and the text is cleaned up now. However, she and I agree I have too much stuff crammed into the eleven pages after the climax at the end of the book.

That will necessitate a rewrite, something I’ve never done on this scale. I need to pare down the contents in some way, and I want to focus on the romance at the end. So now I have another project. It’s okay though, because I know I can make improvements and the resulting book will be much better than it was.

In early June, my daughter and her family are taking me along on a Florida beach vacation. I’m leaving my laptop at home and taking a short break from writing. For a few days, I intend to focus on leisurely reading for a change. I miss it. I’ll take along a couple of real books and my Kindle, but I will still have my voice recorder and steno pad with me to capture any new ideas.

I will attend a family wedding for a nephew and his lovely bride on June 18th in the far western suburbs of Chicagoland. I can’t wait to see all my sisters, their families, and all the cousins!

Did you know these wedding facts?
– 10.8% of weddings are in June, 10.2% in August, 9.8% in May, 9.7% in July, 9.6% in September, and 9.4% in October. December has grown to 7.8%.
– 2.3 million couples wed each year in the U.S.. That breaks down to nearly 6,200 weddings a day.
– The average age of a bride in the U.S. is 25.3. Grooms average 26.9.
– The average number of guests invited to a wedding is 178.
– One-third of those getting married each year have been married before.
– The average wedding budget is $20,000.
– The average honeymoon budget is $3,657. Average length is 7-9 days. 40% travel within the U.S., but 60% go to a foreign country. (I assume that’s primarily to Mexico or somewhere in the Caribbean Sea.)
– 80% of weddings are performed in places of worship.
– Las Vegas is the top U.S. wedding city, with 114,000 weddings. An average of over 312 per day!

Taking Care of Business
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