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Did you ever wonder about what love is?

I’ve heard love described as “a tickling sensation about the heart that can’t be scratched.” Or that “Love is heaven, and love is hell.” – presumably for the intense emotions it evokes.

I write about romantic love all the time in my novels, but never thought to look up the definition. When I checked I found a variety of answers. Here are a few – Love is:

An intense feeling of deep affection. A deep romantic or sexual attraction to someone. Symptoms include:

affection – fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment.             attraction – adoration, doting, worship, passion, ardor, desire, lust, yearning, infatuation

Love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. Sexual passion or desire. A person toward whom love is felt; a beloved person; sweetheart.

Love means caring, kindness, respecting, understanding, giving, and wanting to make each other’s dreams come true.

Love is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. An attraction that includes sexual desire. The strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship. A person you love in a romantic way.

Other selected thoughts:

To truly love is a very selfless act.

Love is a feeling a person kindles inside you. It changes your chemistry, softens your mood, alters your mind, and sweetens your senses. You can’t help but dedicate the best of your energy to this.

The nature of love cannot be defined in one way that suits every person. Due to its intangible and mysterious qualities, it is impossible to love accurately. Instead, strive to love fully.

Love cannot be taught on a chalkboard or a video series. Sure, one can pick up tips here and there, but the only true teacher is experience, as filtered through the heart.

Love is for those of any age who care to soak in every detail, savor every moment, and weave a magical experience.

Love is a constellation of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection or profound oneness.

So I learned love is a strong emotion and it can be very compex. The meaning of love varies, but the central themes are affection and attraction. Romance, sexual passion, and desire are also mentioned often. Those are continuing themes present in all of my writing.

However I admit that I am addicted to love and romance. A consequence of that is I create environments and characters in my fantasy stories that sometimes may be better than they can possibly be in real life.

There is function in that for feel-good, escape fiction. But be cautious you’re not so addicted to fantasy romance you’re also “wedded to calamity,” to quote Shakespeare. Because, at some point, your romantic environment and your romantic soul are going need to deal head-on with the real world. You can’t have unrealistic expectations about your real life.

Your version of love is just that – yours. I hope you make of it everything you possibly can.

Here are my two personal favorite sayings about love:

To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth!

When the one man and the one woman find each other and love, the very Angels in Heaven sing for joy.



I am particularly excited to report that I have completed my thirteenth novel! SAVING MR. P. is one of my longest projects at over 88,000 words and 190 typed pages. The cover of the new manuscript is pictured above.

The “Mr. P.” in the title is short for Mister President. The story is a sexy romance about a fictional future U.S. President who is saved by a female rancher in a remote area after a tragic accident. The long widowed Chief Executive suddenly wants to discover if the strong and self-sufficient woman might be more than only his rescuer.


After my milestone birthday in March I’ve relaxed more and spent fewer hours writing novels. During the spring I went back to my first love of reading and spent many relaxing hours reading a few dozen novels.

Besides the length and complexity of the new novel, and taking vacation time during the summer, part of the delay in finishing the novel was because I have also been pretty prolific in my other writing.

My other big accomplishment is the several additional free short stories that I have completed and are posted on my website, blaineallenauthor.com, for anyone who has registered.

There are now 25 (!) short stories – many actually much longer novelettes or novellas – available. Those projects have been a lot of work too!

Now I plan to return to the other two projects I have started. “Mr. Right Seeks Ms. Wrong” is already novel length (over 40,000 words) at 54,780 words. “Baby Daddy” sits at only 16,800 words right now. I have tons of notes for each novel, so it is way too early to determine their finished lengths, and I never set deadlines.

I’ve mentioned before in my blogs how I log each new story title and plot idea that I conjure up in my cluttered mind, along with the accompanying primary character names and multiple pages of notes. The total is now up to 202 titles and information recorded – all possible writing projects.

Keep in mind I have only been writing since March 11, 2014 when I put words to paper for the very first time. So my completed novels, short stories, a couple dozen other unfinished projects, and all those plot ideas and notes, have all been accomplished in the three and a half years since then. It makes me tired just thinking about it! That’s a tremendous number of hours sitting in front of my computer screen!


With a March birthday I am a Pisces, and sometimes I look at my horoscope in the newspaper just for fun. Most are ridiculous tidbits that don’t apply to my life, but two recent ones have resonated with me.

I was never formally trained to be a writer and don’t know all of the proper methods and formal “rules.” So I never get anxious about breaking them when I write.

One entry said: “Before you rush to sign up and learn, consider going without training for a while. In fact, maybe wait as long as you can to learn the rules. If you don’t know what can or can’t be done, you’ll be creatively free.”

I never claimed to be a great author. Writing is a pastime and hobby for me, not a profession. The truth is every time I review one of my books I find things to change, but at a certain point I call it good enough or I would never get anything done. I get great satisfaction from both the creating and the completing of a project, and I don’t demand perfection of myself.

The other entry said: “In all things there is a kind of cost-benefit analysis that’s at the heart of finding satisfaction. All that’s required is that you work until it’s more or less good enough, reaching a kind of equilibrium between time, effort, and benefit.”

Both of these horoscopes support the approach to writing I have adopted and that help make me be happy and stress-free. It works wonderfully, so I think I’ll stick with exactly what I am doing.

I hope you had a great summer and had a chance to get a break from the normal daily grind. Have a happy autumn!