Writing HOLIDAY Romances

december-blog-photo-smallWelcome to the December 2016 Blog!

Just about everyone loves holidays! Especially if it is one of the major ones that you have off from work. Holidays are made to be celebrated, and celebration means having a good time.

People often do fun things on holidays, and it is likewise fun for me to write about them. It is always entertaining to include the added element of a holiday in a story. Holidays offer unique avenues for a writer to follow. One of them is about those people, like firefighters and others, who do not have the occasion off from work when almost everyone else does.

The unlimited additional possibilities for plots and settings provide a kick-start to the imagination and give a boost to creativity to utilize the occasion in an integral way.

The holiday involvement in the story can be anything from being a primary element to just a very secondary consideration. Is it a holiday centered book, or does it merely coincidentally happen at holiday time?

Here are a few key questions that are useful while formulating a holiday story: What is the connection to the holiday? Where does the story take place? How did the protagonist get there? Who is he or she with? What is their relationship? What is the weather like? How do they dress? What did the characters do? Where is the conflict? How does the holiday affect the characters and relate to outcome?

These questions and many more need to be answered. When they are, you have the holiday story.

Holidays provide new and different ideas and writing opportunities. The setting can be at a holiday party like at Christmastime, the unique festivities associated with a holiday like Halloween – such as a costume masquerade, or just take place around the holiday time – maybe at New Years. Also, think Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, or the 4th of July for possible involvement. Don’t discount writing a story around Veteran’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or possibly Columbus Day. Even minor celebrations, such as Ground Hog Day, could posssibly be utilized in a story plot.

One of my books, Bonfire, begins with a fall hayride and bonfire that sets the tone for the rest of the novel. There are no limits to what spin the author can put on the holiday-related events of the story.

To incorporate a holiday in the midst of a love story is special. After all, love is a happy time and celebrated too, so why not combine the two in a romance novel?

Holidays, like love, are times of magic and joy. Happy reading!

About the writing.

There is so much going on this time of year that the writing is slower. My condo is decorated and ready for Christmas, and I went to the Quad City Festival of Trees. I’ve begun to read my personal collection of Christmas anthologies, have been watching the Hallmark holiday movies on television, and I plan to see a few flicks in the theater before the end of the year too. There are three upcoming December family birthday parties that lead right up to the holiday get-togethers. Whew, that’s a lot happening!

Speaking of the Holidays, I have three Christmas novella’s I started last winter with the intention of putting them all in a Christmas anthology. Hopefully, if I can get to it, I’ll be able to complete that project later this winter in 2017.

In the meantime, I’m having a good time writing all the free holiday short stories for the website.

For November the free online story had a Halloween theme. The title of the December 2,640 word free story, Thanksgiving Dessert, immediately gives away the holiday setting. It is available now for those who have registered on the website.

I currently have two Christmas stories in progress. I began The Christmas Gift, but my development was slow. Then I started Christmas Affair, so one of them should be ready to post on the website in a week or two.

I also have a concept in mind for a New Year’s story to post for January, and the Valentines Day story for February is already completed. So you can see there are several more holiday themed projects coming up for your free reading pleasure in the next few months.

My sincere hope is that you thoroughly enjoy the anticipation and process of preparing for the celebration of the upcoming holidays, and finally I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!