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Welcome Everyone! This is the Grand Debut of my new author website as I launch it in association with my writing of adult contemporary romantic fiction. I can proudly say I am The Deliciously Naughty Novelist.

This also marks the appearance of the first edition of my new blog. (You’re reading it now.) Read on to learn more, including about the freebies I have for you.

This website originates from my writing that began two years ago on March 11th when I had a story idea stuck in my head for two weeks. I decided to write it down solely so it would not continue to plague me.

That inspiration, and those fateful initial words that quickly swelled to cover the previously blank white computer screen, became my first book, followed by seven more novels and several short stories so far. The website is the direct result of becoming the published author of one of my books in June, 2015, and I plan to publish more. I’m still writing and have several projects in various stages of progress.

My rich imagination is a playground where I frolic happily almost every day, and I’m pleased to share with my readers the vivid thoughts that inspire me to write. I never intended to write novels, but now I’m putting those words and pages out where others can see them.

I know not everyone will love what I do, but no matter, I’m satisfied each day I’ve created something that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for me. The creativity is its own reward, and my writing keeps me occupied and happy.

Romance + Books = a match made by authors like me. According to the Parade Magazine issue on Valentine’s Day, 2016, 75 million Americans read at least one romance novel in 2015. Almost half of them read more than one book, and some a great many more.

The Romance genre is the second most popular for book sales, recently earning $1.08 billion a year, behind only the top ranked Thriller category winning by a nose at $1.09 billion. That’s a lot of books!

There are over 10,000 romance authors who are members of RWO, Romance Writers of America, and untold others who write about romance but are not members.

I hope my books engage my reader’s interest and involvement in the characters and the story, and involve their emotions too. I want to take my readers away from the cares of reality for a time to a world of fantasy and a happy ending. I endeavor to entertain them with an engrossing story and compelling characters that stimulate them to want to see what happens on the following page.

Check out each page of this new website. I think you will find something of interest on each one.

In the future the website will include:

  • Periodic blogs about romance and writing
  • Free downloads of short steamy adult stories.
  • Free giveaway drawings.
  • News about upcoming book releases or events

I hope all that keeps you coming back to the website to see what’s new.

The first free short story is 1,700 words long that I wrote in December, “The Lover’s Return.” To subscribe, enter your email and click the button where it says, “Subscribe,” and I will send you a link where you can download it for free. I hope you like it. Please keep in mind these are sexy adult stories.

Look for the free download of “Flirting With Wes” coming in April. It’s a 4,000-word story about a hot barista and her favorite customer, and the flirting leads to more.

Each quarter everyone who has subscribed and provided their email address will be automatically entered in a drawing for a free giveaway of either a Visa Gift Card or a free autographed copy of my book, “One Night and One Day.” Winners will be contacted by email to get their address for mailing their prize to them.

Note: You must be at least 18 years old to win.

A huge THANK YOU goes to Jodie Toohey, wordsywomanforauthors.com, and her Wordsy Woman Author Services, jodie@wordsywoman.com. She is the woman who is responsible for creating this wonderful website for me.

Using the closing words of the Misty Urban review (see the Press Room page) for my first published book, “Read it, then recommend it to all your girlfriends,” I hope you will also pass on the news about my website and the free items to any friends or relatives who are romance readers.

You will hear from me again in early April.

March is National Reading Month so celebrate and read the genre and book(s) of your choice! I am.

Thank you very much for visiting the website, and I hope you will come back often!



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