HAPPY 2017!

Welcome to the January 2017 Blog!

For the New Year I suggest, recommend, and even plead that you set a goal to READ MORE! Or maybe you need to rediscover the pleasure of reading again.

Reading is good for you. It will make you smarter and can be an escape and relax you.

So carefully put down your cellphone and back away! Break the chain and end your self-slavery to technology – at least for awhile.

Find your favorite genre of books or read a variety of stories. It doesn’t matter if you get your books from your own collection, a friend, at the local library, the local bookstore, from local authors, or online. Choose hard cover, soft cover, or e-book, and recorded books are becoming more popular too.

With so many options finding something to read is easy, so make a commitment for 2017 to carve out some time for yourself and READ!!

I promise you’ll love it!


I was correct with my prediction in the December 1st Blog – December was a very hectic month.

The decorating, December birthdays, gift shopping, wrapping, Christmas cards, get-togethers, and all the other festivities were a definite distraction from writing. I watched all the Hallmark Holiday movies on TV and went to several motion pictures at the local theater – one week five movies in five days. I also enjoyed reading several books, both printed and on my Kindle.

Honestly, I loved the Holiday period and the break from the usual routine. However, the writing suffered and I am behind. But that’s okay. The only pressure I have is what I put on myself, and I have learned to be kind and not become stressed.

I did not finish either of the two short Christmas stories I had started. One of them, Christmas Affair, is looking very good, but it is destined to become a longer novella and be included in a future Christmas anthology with two or three others. Instead, I wrote Christmas Surprise.

I was far from idle with the writing, however. I have added three new sexy free short Holiday stories that are available now for anyone who has registered on the website. (simply send me your e-mail address so I can provide the password for access to read the free stories)

Here are the new free short stories:

For December – Christmas Surprise, 3,324 words.

For January – New Year’s Kiss, 5,233 words.

For February – Don’t Be My Valentine!, 7,522 words.

I am very proud to tell you there are now 8 free short stories (under 7,500 words), 2 novelettes (7,500-17,500 words), and 1 longer novella (just over 17,500 words) – 11 in all – available to readers who have registered on the website! If you are not registered yet, don’t miss out! Remember, the stories are FREE!!

A.R. from the Quad Cities is the December winner of the drawing from new registrants to the website, and she won a free signed copy of ONE NIGHT AND ONE DAY, my published novel.

I mentioned in my September blog how I log each one of my plot ideas for new stories as they occur to me. At that time I had 133 new titles recorded (through August). Since then I have logged many more.

In September I added 6 new titles, in October 5, in November only 3.

In December, along with everything else, I was extremely prolific and added a whopping 17 new titles! No wonder I was so busy in December!   So the new total at year end 2016 is 164 new story titles logged – all possible new projects. Whew!

As we all get back to our normal routines, I sincerely wish you a very healthy, happy, prosperous, and peaceful 2017! And happy reading!

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