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0916 blog photoWelcome to the September 2016 Blog!

WRITING is like a large, complicated, puzzle. The project to gather and sort the ideas, the notes, and the facts is complex. It takes a huge chunk of time and continuous and serious effort to complete the difficult journey from inspiration to a finished story.

Each story is not only comprised of ideas, notes, and facts. Each individual word, each sentence, every paragraph and page must be drafted, concocted, devised, or contrived, and assembled one by one. Sometimes even agonized over. Then it gradually progresses to a written scene, eventually a chapter, then several chapters, and, if you’re fortunate, it becomes a completed work.

If you are luckier still, you have created something you can be proud of enough to allow others to read it.

All through the complicated process the author is trying to form characters the readers will care about. To make the dialogue between them seem realistic. To have the plot be believable and based on fact, at least loosely, to ground the story and give it a frame of reference for the reader. The latter takes some research.

Writing is not for the faint of heart. It can be extremely challenging and certainly isn’t easy. It’s a chore, plain and simple. Often a painful one. Especially at the end trying to tie up everything in the story to ensure completeness, continuity, and hopefully no errors.

But it’s fun to see the manuscript come together. I love it – when I’m not feeling tired or disheartened or gotten bogged down and lost my enthusiasm.

Writing is the focus of my life most of the time. It fills my days and makes me happy to be doing it. It is very satisfying to transfer my inspiration, my thoughts, ideas, and notes, into a form of art. It’s rewarding to see a page of my manuscript fill with words and then watch the finished pages pile up. The culmination is seeing the short story, novella, or novel become a completed work.

It feels like something I need to do. The idea I’m creating something that will last is a unique feeling. To me it’s important to fashion each detail of the story into the form I used to shape it and then give it freedom.

I think it’s important to live a good and productive life. Writing allows mine to include “Author” in the title.

About the writing

I’ve been very busy writing in July and August. I indicated in my last blog I planned to continue with writing the novel, “Mr. Right Seeks Miss Wrong.” I did do more work on that project.

Then on July 11th I dreamed up a new story, “Baby Daddy,” and started working on it instead. It is 8,600 words at present. However, since July 22nd I’ve been writing another new novel, “Pure Folly,” which is 100 pages and officially a novel already with almost 44,000 words right now. It is probably 95% completed.

In August I also completed my new free short story to release with this months blog. “Topless Heiress,” is my longest freebie yet. At 43 pages and 19,000 words it is officially a novella (over 17,500 words) in length.

Sometimes I’m concened I’m too prolific for my own good. I constantly conjure up so many new story plots that I log each of them now. I give the story a working title, usually tentatively name the primary characters, and make notes on my thoughts to file away for possible future use. It’s also common for me to continue to add additional notes for titles I’ve previously indexed. Just today I wrote new notes for four of them.

In July I registered new plot numbers 121 through 126. In August I added numbers 127 through 133. It makes me tired just thinking about writing thirteen more projects, although three of the new titles are already started and named above.

I think the preceding data gives you the idea of how really crazy the writing gets for me.

If you are keeping track, here are the totals(since March 2014):
– 10 completed novels (1 published)
– 12 completed short stories
– 11 projects started/in process


My sixth free story is ready for reading. The sexy new novella, “Topless Heiress,” is available for subscribers now. It is a special treat for my readers. At 19,000 words it is my longest free short story, surpassing “Polyamory Proposal” in July by 7,000 words.

Note: Remember all of my stories and my past blogs are available for viewing at any time on the website.

The summer months are almost over and I hope you made the best of them. I hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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